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Chandra Bhushan


Chandra Bhushan is one of India’s leading environment and climate change experts. A researcher, writer and campaigner for environmentally sound and socially inclusive development, he currently holds the position of President & CEO at the International Forum for Environment, Sustainability, and Technology (iFOREST), an organization dedicated to environmental research and innovation. His prior role was as Deputy Director at the Centre for Science and Environment, a prominent environmental organization in India, from 2010 to 2019.

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Chandra Bhushan has authored / co-authored 20 books.

Chandra Bhushan has wide-ranging research and public policy interests. He has researched, written and campaigned for issues ranging from climate change and energy transformation to rights of mining-affected people and industrial pollution. He has authored/ co-authored 20 books and authored/ co-authored/ directed more than 60 reports. 


Chandra Bhushan has authored/ co-authored 20 books and authored/ co-authored/ directed more than 60 reports.


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An expert member for the BASIC group of countries on Climate Change, Bhushan advises a range of institutions worldwide.


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