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Chandra Bhushan


Chandra Bhushan is one of India’s foremost environment and climate change experts. He is the President & CEO of the International Forum for Environment, Sustainability and Technology (iFOREST). He was Deputy Director of Centre for Science and Environment during 2010-2019.

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Chandra Bhushan has authored / co-authored 20 books.

Chandra Bhushan has wide-ranging research and public policy interests. He has researched, written and campaigned for issues ranging from climate change and energy transformation to rights of mining-affected people and industrial pollution. He has authored/ co-authored 20 books and authored/ co-authored/ directed more than 60 reports. 


Chandra Bhushan has authored/ co-authored 20 books and authored/ co-authored/ directed more than 60 reports.


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An expert member for the BASIC group of countries on Climate Change, Bhushan advises a range of institutions worldwide.

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