• Prioritizing Natural Refrigerants in India

    Prioritizing Natural Refrigerants in India

    CATEGORY : Ozone

    Natural refrigerants, an alternative to HFCs, have a low global warming potential, are non-patented and energy efficient. A transition to these alternatives would minimize costs and maximize energy and emissions savings. Can India, leapfrog the chemical treadmill and move to natural refrigerants?

  • Resolving the IPR issue during the HFC phasedown-CSE-2016

    Resolving the IPR Issue During HFC Phase-down

    CATEGORY : Ozone

    Multinational corporations (MNCs) have kept the world in a chemical treadmill by selling patented refrigerants. They are now introducing a new patented chemical – HFOs. Should Montreal Protocol pay for transitioning to yet another patented chemical to benefit MNCs?

  • Getting the world off the chemical treadmill

    Getting the World Off the Chemical Treadmill

    CATEGORY : Ozone

    For the past five years, negotiations are taking place under the Montreal Protocol to phase-down HFCs, a super greenhouse gas. Can we arrive at a deal that is equitable, effective and gets the world off the chemical treadmill? This paper proposes a framework to do this.