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Why Dubai COP28 is not just another gathering

The Times of India

Published on: November 29, 2023

Chandra Bhushan Chandra Bhushan

So, what can Dubai do? COP28 will really test rich nations’ commitment to climate finance. Big Oil & Big Gas will be under severe scrutiny

There is always a hype built around the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference. Every Conference of the Parties (COP) is projected as a do-or-die meeting. Success is typically measured by the grandeur of new pledges, with the host country basking in the glow of any significant commitments. However, the 28th COP, which begins on November 30 in Dubai, is unique because it is not so much about new promises (though there will undoubtedly be some) but what happened to the old ones. The question to be answered in Dubai this December is: Have the countries kept their promise, and if not, what’s next? Dubai COP, therefore, is the first “official” reality check of the climate crisis. It is also a reality check for the oil and gas industry and for the commitment of the rich world to support poor countries in dealing with climate disasters.


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